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24 December 2019, Tuesday

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The Main Reasons to Practice Vaidic Yoga:

Good for Health

Vaidic Yoga is where you can find balance, harmony and energy.

Good for Body

Vaidic Yoga is where you can gain balance of metabolism. Make you beautiful and stronger.

Good for Cardio

Vaidic Yoga improves blood circulation and decreases blood pressure of the body.

Good for Breathing

Vaidic Yoga improves your raspiratory by helping your lungs work more efficiently.

What you say about us.

is always overwhelming

Very good experience being a student of Abhishek sir, he always clears our doubt related to yoga with great patience & politely. Thanx sir

Great Learning experience... Thank u Abhishek sir

Neha Gulati

I joined yoga classes here last year when I was diagnosed with thyroid and my asthma was at it's worst. My thyroid count came within normal range in 3 months of yoga and has stayed in the normal range since.I have not used an inhaler for the last 2 months! I am most greatful to my teacher Ankit ji for this massive improvement in overall wellness. Thank you Abhishek ji for the best Yoga center and the best teachers. Warmest regards Monika Narang

Monika Narang

Undoubtedly the Best Yoga studio For Rohini & pitampura people. Must go once Don't think About naharpur. Crowd is superb and High class Only


Really a nice place for ur workout.....relives ur mental guru abhishek..sir rocks....Ankit sir is really v gud.....keeping in mind ur troubles...back pain disc pain ..thy guide u...thy thmselv help u in the centre rocks....thanxs sir....stay blessed always..I had joined around 10 months...bck....I have learned so much.....along wd weight loss.......thanxs sir...keep rocking always ....thanxs Ankit sir. ..u r the best trainer...we can get........YOGA Hain to Zindagi Hain......

Anika Dhawan

Abhishek bansal is the best yoga guru.The best trainer and very helpful. They take good care of us. Thanks you so much sir 🙏🏻

Bhawna Jain

Abhishek sir is a perfect yoga guru. done his work so impactaly and dedicatly.My knee and back pains go away in his classes.He is master in his field.

Abhishek Bansal is the best yoga teacher. Vaidic yoga studio is a must visit place. All the faculties are very nice. They take good care of us.

Pawan Kumar Jain

Yoga has never been such an enjoyable experience before. Feeling blessed.

Tanvi Dureja

I have joined this yoga center 4 months back. I am still continue because faculty ( Garima Jain) is a best Yoga trainer. She has a very good knowledge in this field and thanks to Abhishek sir who hired knowelagble trainer. I would request you to all please join yoga because yoga saie h hoga.

Mohit Khurana

Abhishek sir is the best! With yoga all our problems r healing slowly Nd we r becoming fit day by day

Ruchi Jain

Truly satisfied 👌Thankyou Garima mam for making us better😊 & Abhishek Bansal sir for having us as a member of vaidic chikitsa 😊🙏

Suman Sharma

The best yoga studio. The best trainer and the best training is given by Ankit Kaushik Ji under the observation of yog guru Abhishek Bansal Ji. Fantastic


Great institute with great teachers and good location. Keep up the spirits high:)

Garima Jain

Best yoga centre in delhi..

Nidhi Tanwar

Excellent yoga class

Manorama Singh

It is awesome. Abhishek bansal is a wonderful teacher


Best yoga studio Best Yoga Guruji abhishek bansal ji

Nipun Goel

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